Outlaw ALL Taxes * LEND More $ Than D.C. Can Spend * and Get Paid to Do It!

Impossible? That's what King George (America's 1st Tax Bully) said in 1776. 100 years of IRS failure & corruption is enuf! I've built a better $4 trillion dollar revenue-raising mousetrap that Reagan, Obama and Rand Paul would all love. If that sounds impossible Click or Flick on the word Revolution below. The FREE book that follows will fill your heart with Hope - and your wallet with dough!


The IRS can't wait to sink their fangs into your kids.

FIRE the IRS first!

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JOIN Maidenstone with a friend, or a spouse (or any family member), a co-worker, customer, client, roommate, wingman, samaritan, barkeep, BFF or casual acquaintance. When you join The Maidenstone Mission with a 1st year partner you get every individual benefit of Maidenstone Funding membership - at half the $38 price!

  • You and your partner will be billed a one-time (blantantly symbolic, mercifully affordable) Startup Membership fee of just $19 each ($38 total).

  • You & your 1st year partner will each receive a Terrible Tombo Tea-shirt, a fistful of personalized Fire-the-IRS business cards, a bumper sticker, a FREE copy of my IRS-themed novel Sunset on Mars, my monthly 19% Revolution! Bulletin PLUS (and please pay attention - this is VERY important) an attached, dated, eminently "Forward-able" iteration of my ever-evolving manifesto, Tom Killackey's 19% Revolution! So, why, you wonder, is that monthly bulletin so damn important? Because you can Forward that Emailed bulletin AND my attached book to the world - allowing you to recruit and GET PAID to Sponsor an unlimited number of new Maidenstone Members!

  • As a Maidenstone SPONSOR YOU will earn a $19 gratuity for each new Startup partnership you recruit - and $19 every year your sponsored Members renew.

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Most important of all - you'll have the satisfaction of knowing YOU drove a stake thorugh the heart of the federal tax vampires - ending a miserable century of evil IRS, income tax tyranny - while creating an ocean of profits and a rising tide of American propserity guaranteed to lift every kid's boat!


  1. Maidenstone will respect all Member's anonymity and will NOT share your private or personal information with any outside organization (especially the IRS!)

  2. We've chosen the PayPal Order Form because it's the "Cadillac" of secure internet payment systems. Be assured: you DON'T have to have a PayPal account to join Maidenstone. Just find "Choose a way to Pay" on the Order Form & use your favorite credit or debit card.

  3. Be sure to inform your Startup partner we'll be mailing BOTH Startup Kits to the one address you indicate on the Order Form. That cuts our postage in half - leaving us enough to fund our 19% Revolutionary "War chest" AND pay your Sponsor's $19 gratuity.

  4. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to input the Email addresses of YOU (Member #1), your partner (Member #2) and your Sponsor - in the "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" box provided. (If you joined us directly from the website, WITHOUT a Sponsor, simply type "No Sponsor").

My Sacred Pledge: You'll love your Maidenstone Membership even more than those "Slow" Lerners at the IRS dread my Terrible Tombo Tea-shirt!


The Tax Man's Day Is Done.

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