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Impossible? That's what King George (America's 1st Tax Bully) said in 1776. 100 years of IRS failure & corruption is enuf! I've built a better $4 trillion dollar revenue-raising mousetrap that Reagan, Obama and Rand Paul would all love. If that sounds impossible Click or Flick on the word Revolution below. The FREE book that follows will fill your heart with Hope - and your wallet with dough!




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Maidenstone Funding's Mission is to replace Woody Wilson's 100-year old, horse & buggy income tax with 300-million citizen-lenders loaning Washington TWO TIMES ($4 trillion vs. $2 trillion) our annual IRS "ransom." By shouting our demands with one loud voice, YOU'LL leap to the front of the priority line - ahead of all the $900-dollar-an-hour lobbyists corrupting Congress today.

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Or spend the rest of your life paying the IRS!